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Where is the crown of the tree?

Arbor Care provide a professional service at a competitive price. Our arborists strive to complete all work with minimal hassle and will keep you well informed of their progress.

The crown is made up of the branches and leaves at the top of the tree. Arbor Care offer crown lifting and reduction services in Guildford and the surrounding areas.

Crown reduction and thinning

To allow light to penetrate through the crown of the tree, the overall size of the crown is reduced by thinning out branches. This technique is useful where trees overshadow gardens and property, creating a brighter space beneath.

Crown lifting

Crown lifting is achieved by pruning back the lower branches that form the crown, therefore ‘lifting’ the crown higher from the ground. This is particularly beneficial in urban areas to allow pedestrian access beneath trees.

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Let the sun into your garden with our crown lifting service

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