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tree surgeon carrying out crown reduction work

For dangerous removals or emergency tree services, call Arbor Care now,

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We offer a 24 hour service so we’re available for emergencies

When trees pose a threat to the general public or property, then their removal is vital. Arbor Care’s team of polite and friendly tree surgeons will use specialist machinery and equipment to fell trees quickly and safely.

If you live near Guildford, Godalming or Bramley and need a dangerous tree removed, call 01483 576 826!

We’ll deal with:

•  Fallen trees

•  Storm damage

•  Hazardous branches

•  Dead trees

•  Diseased and unstable trees


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Felling in confined spaces

Where space is tight due to buildings or highly populated urban areas, trained arborists are essential for dangerous removals. Arbor Care provide a specialised operation where the tree is felled section by section, using ropes to lower branches and pieces of trunk.

Is a tree dangerously near your property?

crown reduction work