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Protect your trees, leaf them be

Arbor Care provide tree felling services in the locality of Guildford, Farnham and Frensham. Tree felling requires skill and care, which is why a DIY job is highly inadvisable and is best left to our professionals.

Trees are visually pleasing and play an important role in the environment. At Arbor Care we’re committed to the preservation of trees, which is why our tree surgeons will only fell a tree as a last resort.

Are your trees taking over?

Rather than chopping down the wild and domineering trees in your garden, you could consider using our other services to make the most of your trees:


 Tree pruning

 Crown lifting

 Crown reduction

Dangerous removals

When trees pose a threat to the general public or property then their removal is unavoidable.


Please see our Dangerous Removals page for more information.

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Professional tree felling in Farnham

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